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Title Store Credit Instruction
Posted by ByTheR-JEH (ip:)
  • Date 2013-03-08
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Store Credit. How does it work?
Use store credit and begin your happy shopping journey at our site.
- $5.00USD of store credit is provided at the moment of registration.                       

- You can also get 8% bonus store credit coupon at the moment of registration.
- According to your membership level, you can receive up to 10%store credit.
- After purhcase, leave a comment review for a purchased product and earn $0.50USD store credit.

- Refund policy and condition (only for out of stock case) - You will receive 110% of initial price into store credit.   

Period for usage
Store credit can be used after 1 day since shipment. During this one day, the credit is separated as 'Pending credit.'
Pending credit history(pending) Unusable store credit for an order which has not been paid for yet.
How to calculate usable Store Credit : Total Store Credit - Used Store Credit - Pending Store Credit.

Condition for usage
Store credit can be used only when you accumulate more than $10.00USD.

Destruction condition
Store credit will automatically disappear if you cancel an order or issue a refund. Also, if you cancel your account, all your store credit will be cleared.

Store credit can be used as cash in our site but it cannot be changed to real cash.


Store credit can be used same as cash in our website.

You can check your Store credit in 'my page' menu.

When you click, details of your store credit is showed.

How to use Store credit


If you want to use your store credit, you can put the amount in the 'Store credit' blank.
If paying thr entire sum of the order by Store credit only, the Grand total sum of your purchase is to be shown as 0 - Please check on the [make Payment] button and proceed with your order


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