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About Us

By The “R” is our own brand and registered trademark . (registration number : 45-0031301, 45-0041904)

All By The “R” products are designed and manufactured by the company,

We assure top quality and design




ByTheR : In ByTheR online store, you are able to purchase unique clothing designed by ByTheR.
Also, you can get to meet selected items, designed by young fashion designers from Korea.

ByTheR is a districted fashion designer brand and has been registered at Korea Patent office.
(Registration/license number: 45-0031301, 45-0041904)
We are proud of products’ quality and design since we manufacture them from start to finish.

By The "R" was made for people that find importance in personal style
rather than follow the public trend.
Our products are for customers with a more distinct sense of personal style
and a need for products not widely available.
By the "R" line always adheres to the best style
and provides simple but unique clothing with importance in great detail.
We try uncommon patterns for a specific fit.
With the exception of basic items, we make smaller quantity of quality pieces
to always meet the customers’ expectation.

LOOKBOOK is a category for pictures specially taken by ByTheR photographers.
Also, you are able to see some of artworks done by many other collaborated artists.
There are few photos of popular celebrities who are supported by us.

We will try our best to always bring you products that you are happy and satisfied with.
By the "R" will try to bring you clothes that you keep for many seasons to come.

-By The "R"-